Friday Funding # 2: Digital Communities and Digital Health

Welcome to the second edition of Friday Funding. This week’s theme: Digital Communities and Digital Health. Funding in this area doesn’t always have a clear route but rather fits in to several broad funding areas; this is reflected in the types of calls listed.

Call Title: Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science
Funder: Wellcome Trust     Funding Available: £75k – £100k    Deadline: 05 August 16   Summary: Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science provide flexible, responsive funding, enabling researchers to develop a novel idea to a position where they could be competitive for a larger award from the Wellcome Trust or another funder. They can support research in any field of the humanities and social sciences that can enrich the understanding of human and animal health.
Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: T-AP Digging into Data Challenge
Funder: Trans-Atlantic Platform (Supported by AHRC & ESRC) Funding Available: £150k Deadline: 29 June 16
Summary: Supports research projects that use “big data” to address questions in the social sciences and humanities. Although this is the fourth Digging into Data challenge, it is the first time it has been sponsored by T-AP. This funding opportunity is open to international projects that consist of teams from at least three member countries, and must include partners from both sides of the Atlantic.
Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: Development Work Grants Scheme
Funder: Chief Scientist Office (CSO)    Funding Available: £35k    Deadline:  No deadline Summary: Short projects to provide key supporting evidence to underpin subsequent applications to other research funders.  Subsequent applications must be for applied/translational health research i.e. within the remit of the two CSO research committees and be relevant to, and have the potential for significant impact on, health in Scotland.
Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: Discipline hopping in information and communication technologies
Funder: EPSRC     Funding Available: Not fixed (80% fEC)     Deadline: Open Call Summary: Discipline Hopping Awards will provide short-term support to allow researchers from core ICT fields with other disciplines and/or user fields. The aim of this is to foster new interactions, bringing a multidisciplinary and user-driven focus to research. Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: Postdoctoral and Early Career Researcher Exchanges (PECE)
Funder: SICSA    Funding Available: £7.5k    Deadline:  30 June 16, 31 Oct 16
Summary: Provides research training and development opportunities for the most able postdocs and early career researchers across SICSA. Change your surroundings and experience life as a researcher in another institution; develop your network, enjoy another environment and lay the foundations for future international collaborations. Link to Funder’s Page:

Other funders worth noting:

Whilst they do not have set calls, there is always funding available through Innovation Centres funded by Scottish Funding Council (SFC). The Centres of particular note in relation to this theme are:

The Data Lab

Digital Health Institute (DHI)

I hope you find these opportunities useful. If you are interested in applying please contact the Research support team in RES in the first instance on

Next week’s theme is: Transport

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