6 Lessons for First Class Impact

Impact is not about changing the world in a single project, says Julie Bayley, winner of the ARMA 2015 Research Impact Award.

6 Tips include:

  • Connect to the bigger problem – just because you are interested in the topic does not make the need tor further research obvious to all.
  • Connect with the real world – build links (networks) with those who can shape, advise or use your research from early in the process.
  • Connect your activities with your impact goals – impact will not just happen because you are awesome.
  • Connect with people who’ll challenge you  – get some critical friends—colleagues and interested parties—who will force you to think beyond the academic merit of the work.
  • Connect the change to the measure – planning the evidence of impact is far easier when you know what kind of changes you’re looking for.
  • Connect your aims with those of the funders – don’t forget the funder’s aims, especially when you’re rushing to meet a deadline.

This article also appeared in Research Fortnight


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