Human Rights Atlas

UKDSThe data behind the ground-breaking Human Rights Atlas is now freely available for anyone to access via UKDS.Stat, the data dissemination platform for international data at the UK Data Service.  The ‘Human Rights Atlas 2012 dataset’ was originally created by the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (IDCR) at the University of Essex and Mackman, for the ESRC-funded Human Rights Atlas Project, the main objective of which was to produce a visually pleasing, interactive interface for the dissemination of global human rights data.  Using published data from the World Bank, the United Nations, academics, non-governmental organisations and the other bodies, the dataset generated for the project includes more than 240 different measures of economic, social, political, and legal life for over 200 different countries across the world and gives a picture of the lives and rights of human beings over a 30-year period from 1981 onwards.

In March 2015 the UK Data Service archived the dataset and made it available for download via the Discover catalogue in a zip file (tab-delimited, Stata or SPSS format), and this week, to mark Human Rights Day on Sat 10th December 2016, we have made the data accessible via UKDS.Stat.

According to Todd Landman, Professor of Political Science, Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham and PI, Human Rights Atlas:

“The Human Rights Atlas combines publicly available data on socio-economic indicators, legal indicators, and human rights indicators for a large number of countries over 30 years of time. The web interface is very user-friendly, and the resource has been used for educational and research programmes, including a MOOC on combating contemporary slavery delivered by the University of Nottingham to over 6000 participants around the world. It is great that the underlying dataset is available in this new format, and I am particularly pleased that it is made available to coincide with this year’s International Human Rights Day.”

UKDS.Stat allows users to explore, visualise and subset the Human Rights Atlas data prior to download. The data can be extracted in Excel, PC-Axis, SDMX(XML), CSV formats and accessed via a Developer RESTful API (application programming interface). If logged in, UKDS.Stat also allows users to save and share their queries via a simple URL.


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