BCS – Awards for Best Papers

bcsRGU researchers received a number of awards at this year’s International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence organised by the BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT.

The Donald Michie Award was given to Blessing Mbipom and her PhD supervisors Professor Susan Craw and Dr Stewart Massie. The best student technical paper was given to PhD student Anil Bandhakavi’s research and is supervised by Professor Nirmalie Wiratunga and Dr Stewart Massie.

A former PhD student Sid Shakya, now at BT Research Labs, is co-author of the paper winning the Rob Milne Memorial Award for best application paper.

RGU will also be presenting a paper on the AI technologies underpinning a health management mobile app. This paper is based on the EU SelfBack project that provides tailored, personalised recommendations for self-management of back pain.

Details of these publications can be found on each researcher’s ORCID page, ( e.g. Stewart Massie, Nirmalie Wiratunga) and on RGU’s OpenAIR repository

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