The UK Data Service Syntax Upload Facility is now launched.

UKDSHave you ever struggled to replicate analysis and wondered how a study’s research findings were generated? Have you thought about sharing your syntax and having it cited by other researchers?  The Syntax Upload Facility enables researchers to upload and share syntax they create using UK Data Service data, building a library of syntax for other users to utilise and cite. The new Syntax Upload Facility aims to enhance researcher’s work and provide an opportunity to increase the impact of research through having syntax used and cited by others. We have created a citation format for users for this purpose.

The new facility is particularly useful for researchers, students and those teaching with data and as it develops we hope it will become an invaluable resources for our users.

The syntax created using our datasets can be uploaded by clicking Contribute your syntax/code at the bottom of the respective catalogue records. Once logged in, the syntax files can be uploaded in various formats including SPSS, Stata, SAS and R.  The Syntax Upload Facility then automatically creates a citation and a file which can be downloaded by other users.

Example: Freda Smith uses data from Understanding Society Waves 1-6, 2009-2015 and can upload her syntax here. The citation for a syntax file called ‘Education syntax file’ uploaded by Freda Smith, using data from the Understanding Society Waves 1-6, 2009-2015 would be the following: Smith, F. (2017). Education syntax file [Syntax]. UK Data Service. Retrieved from

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