Urban Big Data Centre: Expressions of Interest

ubdc_logoWould you like to investigate an urban policy, planning, or research problem using big, complex, or administrative data? If so, the Urban Big Data Centre is here to help. We provide access to a range of UK urban-related data, support in working with controlled (or personal) data and data sourcing services for your research

If you’re a UK-based academic you’re eligible for UBDC support. Some of our data is also available for non-UK users, and we are happy to hear ideas for international collaborations too. Submit an Expression of Interest to use our data collections or other data services by 31 March 2017! 

  • iMCD Project data (Household survey, travel diary, GPS and Twitter data)
  • Geospatial data (Spatial Urban Indicators and LiDAR Earth Images)
  • Transport data (Strava Metro cycling app data)
  • Housing data (Nestoria and Zoopla housing advertisement data)
  • Education data
  • Health and social care data
  • Physical data (British Geological Survey ASK data – Greater Glasgow and the Clyde estuary and catchment areas from the CUSP project)

You can also apply to use our Data Sourcing Service – we can source and acquire data not already held in our Data Collections for researchers.

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