Award: G-PaTRA Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas

Prof David Gray and Prof Richard Laing are leading G-PaTRA, funded through EU Interreg North Sea Region, with a value of €1.8m over 4 years.

The main partners in the project are:

  • University of Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • Office for Regional Development Leine and Weser (Germany)
  • HITRANS (Scotland)
  • Aberdeenshire Council (Scotland)
  • Province of Drenthe (Netherlands), Groningen Province (Netherlands)
  • East Sweden Energy Authority (Sweden)
  • National Wind Energy Centre (Norway)
  • Møre and Romsdal County Council (Norway)
  • Urban Foresight (England)
  • Taxistop (Belgium)

G-PaTRA will promote green transport and mobility by enhancing the capacity of authorities to reduce CO2 from personal transport in remote, rural and island areas. It will embed more zero emission vehicles in rural transport systems and improve available passenger transport resources.

The project will demonstrate the technical innovations required, and the institutional, operational, social innovation changes needed to do this,  and then transfer these new techniques to a wider range of North Sea Regions (NSR). By better understanding the legal, regulatory and funding regimes in partner countries, the project will also ensure that innovation is transferable between jurisdictions..

This project is important because:

  • Rural public transport is high carbon, subsidy intensive and struggles to provide an alternative to the car.
  • Urban transport carbon reduction strategies are rarely transferable to rural areas
  • The project results will increase the capacity of transport authorities to reduce CO2 from rural transport and demonstrate that a minimum 10% CO2 reduction can be generated from innovative transport interventions in remote, rural and island areas with the same or better mobility for the residents in question.



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