Beautiful Renewables: Land Art Generator Initiative exhibition at RGU


ZM Architecture Team, Wind Forest

Can renewable energy become not merely infrastructure but a feature of place-making? What can architects, artists and designers bring to the transition towards a post-fossil fuel economy? Can creative approaches contribute to the commercialisation of new renewable technologies? These are some of the questions that the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is asking and why ecoartscotland partnered with them. Chris Fremantle, who established ecoartscotland in 2010, is a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at Gray’s School of Art.

The Land Art Generator Glasgow project focused on Dundas Hill, a former distillery and power station site just north of Glasgow City centre. Dundas Hill is now a regeneration site, being developed by a partnership between Scottish Canals and BIGG Regeneration supported by Glasgow City Council. The three short listed teams in the competition were led by architects and landscape architects (ERZ, Stallan Brand, ZM Architects), and involved engineers, designers and artists (Daziel+Scullion, Alec Finlay, Pigdin Perfect).

The exhibition of the Land Art Generator Glasgow project – along with examples from other LAGI competitions – is currently installed on the Concourse of the Sir Ian Wood Building at RGU. It has previously been exhibited in The Lighthouse, Glasgow; Exeter University Innovation Centre; and Tent, Edinburgh College of Art.

The Land Art Generator Initiative will be releasing the brief for its next international open competition in January 2018, this time for a site in Melbourne, Australia.

Outputs associated with the Land Art Generator Glasgow project are available to view together as a project collection on OpenAIR@RGU (available here). The outputs include a chapter in the book of the LAGI Copehagen Open Competition in 2014, a conference paper at PetroCultures 2016 conference as well as the citation of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Managers (CIWEM) Art and Environment Award made in 2016.

[Text adapted from the original blog post on the ecoartscotland website.]


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