OpenAIR@RGU – monthly update (no.12 – December 2017)


Welcome to the twelfth monthly update on OpenAIR@RGU – RGU’s open access institutional repository. Please direct any queries to the team at


The publications team will be away over the Christmas period (Friday 22nd December through Tuesday 2nd January) and will not be checking e-mails during that time. We appreciate your patience and will look to respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible in the New Year.


The repository currently contains 2,477 records. Some examples of recent additions to the repository include the following outputs:

  • = HASSAN, O.A.G. and ROMILLY, P. [2017]. The relations between corporate economic performance, environmental disclosure and greenhouse gas emissions: new insights. Business strategy and the environment [online], (accepted).
  • = OMOTAYO, T.S. and KULATUNGA, U. 2017. Re-thinking post-contract cost controlling techniques in the Nigerian construction industry. In Sandanayake, Y.G., Karunasena, G.I. and Ramachandra, T. Proceedings of the 5th world construction symposium 2016: greening environment, eco-innovations and entrepreneurship, 29-31 July 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Colombo: University of Moratuwa [online], pages 380-388. Available from:

Additionally, we have recently added the following new project collections:

  • = Women in early twentieth-century Scotland. [Research programme] – A collection of outputs relating to media-based research into the lives of women in Scotland from 1900 to 1918.

Each School currently has the following number of records on OpenAIR (research data is in a separate diagram):




This month, there have been a total of 8,960 downloads from OpenAIR. The most downloaded items include:


  • = TOURISH, D. and HARGIE, O. 2004. Communication audits: building world class communication systems. In OLIVER, S. (ed.) Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations: Pure and Applied. London: Routledge, pages 131-144. (283 downloads)
  • = KOKOLI, A.M. 2002. “The cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe”: towards a feminist remodelling of (meta)history. In-between: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism, 11(1), pages 55-70. (199 downloads)

The most downloaded theses this month include:

  • = IRVING, I. 2013. Curating as practice and profession: an exploration and definition of a contemporary independent curator. Robert Gordon University, MPhil thesis. (114 downloads)
  • = TAYLOR, R.F. 2009. Creating connections: an investigation into the first-year experience of undergraduate nursing students. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (112 downloads)
  • = DAPAR, M.P. 2012. An investigation of the structures and processes of pharmacist prescribing in Great Britain: a mixed methods approach. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (112 downloads)

The above data were correct at the time of writing (20.12.2017).