OpenAIR@RGU – monthly update (no.17 – May 2018)


Welcome to the seventeenth monthly update on OpenAIR@RGU – RGU’s open access institutional repository. Please direct any queries to the team at


The repository currently contains 2,781 records. Some examples of recent additions to the repository include the following outputs:

  • = FULFORD, H., BAILEY, M., STEPHEN, G. and MCWHIRR, S.M. 2014. Building online learner communities: an activity theory perspective. Presented at the Professional practice education and learning conference (ProPEL), 25-27 June 2014, Stirling, UK
  • = BREMNER, P.A.M. 2018. The gap between degree outcomes and employability skills: using scholarly enquiry to aid in future teaching practice. Presented at the Robert Gordon University annual learning and teaching conference: future work, future graduates; forging the link, 3 May 2018, Aberdeen, UK.
  • = RUTTKAY-NEDECKY, B., SKALICKOVA, S., KEPINSKA, M., CIHALOVA, K., DOCEKALOVA, M., STANKOVA, M., UHLIROVA, D., FERNANDEZ, C., SOCHOR, J., MILNEROWICZ, H., BEKLOVA, M. and KIZEK, R. [2018]. Development of new silver nanoparticles suitable for materials with antimicrobial properties. Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology [online], (accepted). Available from:

Each School currently has the following number of records on OpenAIR (research data is in a separate diagram):




This month, there have been a total of 14, 988 downloads from OpenAIR. The most downloaded items include:



The most downloaded theses this month include:

  • = KEARNEY, G. 2012. The entrepreneurial process and the role of gender: a comparative study of entrepreneurs in the business services and technology sectors in Scotland. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (327 downloads)
  •  = SSENDI, L.B. 2013. Entrepreneurship activities in rural Tanzania: understanding women’s micro businesses. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (224 downloads)

The above data were correct at the time of writing (29.05.2018).



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