Open Access Week 2018 – Blogpost #1


Welcome to the first in our week-long series of special blogposts for Open Access Week! Each year, the Open Access community adopts a different theme for Open Access Week, encouraging us to think about specific aspects of open scholarly communication. This year’s theme is “designing equitable foundations for open knowledge” – it asks us to think about individuals and groups that might be negatively affected by the increasingly open nature of research, or whose specific needs and circumstances might be overlooked. Later this week we will look at some aspects of this theme in greater detail.

In addition to these blogposts, we are also doing various other activities across the week to help promote Open Access at RGU. These include a lunchtime pop-up stand that will be giving out free food, and several workshops for PhD students and other researchers in which we will be using games to discuss some important issues associated with research. A full list of our activities is available online:

Finally, Open Access is not just about RGU! There will be many other people and organisations engaging with Open Access Week worldwide. You can check out some of the conversations around Open Access by following the discussions on Twitter (#openaccess –

We hope to see you at our pop-up stand around campus, or at our workshops!

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