Funding Award: KTP with Petrofac

Dr Nastascha Mueller-Hirth (School of Applied Social Science) has been awarded a KTP with Petrofac in Aberdeen. The aim is to form an in-depth qualitative understanding of multinational workforce cultural issues, thereby developing innovative management practice and embed understanding, including training and a toolkit to drive industry leading performance, increasing productivity, reputation, and profitability.

The partnership will identify effective ways to improve communication, training, reporting, risk perception and reward systems. Then, combining the findings of field research we will generate a model and way of working that can utilise an international workforce to work successfully and safely together, with higher productivity, reduced production costs, improved quality and a stronger reputation. The model will be incorporated into a supervisor toolkit and training course.

Natascha is supported by Carolyn McNicholas, Senior Marketing Lecturer in Communication, Marketing and Media and Dr Andrew Davis, Marketing Lecturer.



Funding Award : On the Edge – Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist

Prof Anne Douglas, Dr Jon Price and Chris Fremantle have been awarded follow on funding from the AHRC to build on and develop their work in cultural leadership and the place of the artist.

This  continues a decade long exploration of artistic and cultural leadership by the On The Edge Research team. Findings from recent research will be presented and their implications debated with an invited group of cultural professionals from across the partnership that includes Creative Scotland, The Clore Leadership Programme (London) and ENCATC (Brussels), a European network on cultural management and policy.  The methodology was piloted at Woodend Barn, Banchory in March. There will be subsequent events in 2016 in Edinburgh, Brussels and London with the full partnership.

The research explores the meaning of leadership to experienced artists, policy makers and producers through a series of in-depth conversations with leading figures in the arts and cultural sectors. To this point these have included Jackie Kay – recently appointed as Scotland’s Makar (Poet Laureate) – as well as Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of the South Bank Centre, and Sue Hoyle, Chief Executive of the Clore Leadership Programme, among others.

The research seeks to move beyond familiar approaches that view leadership purely as the good governance of organisations through identifiable skills and competencies. The research findings stress the importance of artists/cultural producers seeing their situation as relational and interdependent, artists with policy makers and with the public.  Rosanna Irvine, dancer and choreographer, has been appointed as the project’s artist in residence, tracking each of the four events through a creative response to the discussions.


Professor Anne Douglas (PI

Dr Jonathan Price Senior Research Fellow

Visit the project research pages on the On the Edge website , Artist as Leader