Opportunity: Returning to research fellowships

daphne-jacksonAre you a scientist, technologist, engineer or mathematician who has had a career break of 2 or more years for family, caring or health reasons and wishes to return to research? If so the Daphne Jackson Trust may be able to help. Closing date for applications is 6th February 2017

Funding Opportunity: Wellcome Trust Seed awards

Wellcome Trust Seed awards are for those who wish to get wellcomestarted in research.  Ideal for early career researchers and first time grant applicants.  Their exploratory nature gives scope for the use of bold or innovative methodologies, and a broad range of possible activities; from pilot and scoping studies, to preliminary data gathering and proof-of-principle studies, to planning sessions and meetings of collaborative networks. They are not intended to fund discrete projects with no follow-on plans. We encourage applications which propose to carry out interdisciplinary research across our Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Innovations funding.

They are particularly for researchers at the start of their independent careers or who wish to develop innovative ideas outside of their discipline or area of expertise.

Closing Date 20th June 2016