Funding Award: KTP with Petrofac

Dr Nastascha Mueller-Hirth (School of Applied Social Science) has been awarded a KTP with Petrofac in Aberdeen. The aim is to form an in-depth qualitative understanding of multinational workforce cultural issues, thereby developing innovative management practice and embed understanding, including training and a toolkit to drive industry leading performance, increasing productivity, reputation, and profitability.

The partnership will identify effective ways to improve communication, training, reporting, risk perception and reward systems. Then, combining the findings of field research we will generate a model and way of working that can utilise an international workforce to work successfully and safely together, with higher productivity, reduced production costs, improved quality and a stronger reputation. The model will be incorporated into a supervisor toolkit and training course.

Natascha is supported by Carolyn McNicholas, Senior Marketing Lecturer in Communication, Marketing and Media and Dr Andrew Davis, Marketing Lecturer.



Awards: KTP with Sentisum

innovateProf Nirmalie Wiratunga has been awarded a KTP with Sentisum (Askenti)  a London based technology start-up which aims to help enterprises understand customer’s opinion and turn those opinions and experiences into competitive advantage.  Dr Stewart Massie will be supporting the project, which should be completed by 2019.  Working in an area known as “Natural Language Understanding” the team will develop a software system which can accurately detect and understand topics, opinions, emotions expressed by humans in various conversations such as product reviews, complaint emails, or voice calls.