NIHR announces £60 million of funding available to British Universities for Global Health Research

nihrNIHR Global Health Research

The NIHR is inviting UK-based universities and research institutes to submit applications to deliver applied global health research. £60 million will be available for successful universities and research institutes looking to expand their existing global health work or for new entrants to the field. There is a particular interest in funding applications that address under-funded or under-researched areas including, but not limited to, non-communicable diseases including mental health, surgery, and tobacco control, road safety as well as health and applied social science and economic research as part of a broader scheme of work or as standalone specialisms.

Deadline for applications is 26 January 2017. NIHR will be hosting an event to support applications for this funding opportunity. If you are interested in registering you will need to complete the registration form by 5pm today 28 November 2016. A live stream webinar will also be available. Full information and links to event and live stream registration are available from the NIHR website

Friday Funding #5: Social Change

Welcome to the 5th edition of Friday Funding. There are some really good calls on this week’s theme, Social Change. Featured funders are AHRC, ESRC, DRILL (Big Lottery), NIHR and Wellcome Trust.

Call Title: GCRF / PaCCS: Inter-Disciplinary Research Innovation Awards on Conflict and International Development
Funder: AHRC/ESRC      Funding Available: £100k      Deadline: 28 July 16
Summary: AHRC and the ESRC, working together as a part of the conflict theme of the Partnership for Conflict Crime and Security Research (PaCCS), have issued a joint call for Interdisciplinary Research Innovation Awards on Conflict and International Development. This call is funded from the initial allocations the AHRC and ESRC under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).This call aims to support inter-disciplinary research innovation and international collaboration focused on the interconnections between conflict and international development and with the potential to contribute to the welfare (broadly defined) and/or economic development of Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).
Link to Funder’s Page: Here

Call Title: Translating Cultures and Care for the Future Research Innovation Awards on International Development
Funder: AHRC      Funding Available: £100k      Deadline: 21 July 17
Summary: The call is a joint initiative between the AHRC’s Translating Cultures and Care for the Future themes. Awards will be funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Projects will be expected to take innovative, collaborative and adventurous approaches to development-focused topics pertinent to the Translating Cultures and Care for the Future themes
Link to Funder’s Page: Here

Call Title: Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning’ (DRILL)
Funder: DRILL (through Big Lottery)     Funding Available: £150k      Deadline: 27 July 16
Summary: Grants to carry out research and establish pilot projects on subjects reflecting the priorities of disabled people.  Partnerships, which include combinations of disabled people, their organisations, academics and potentially others, are expected to come together to develop and submit applications and, if funded, deliver their project through a process of coproduction. Disabled people will be at the forefront of designing and delivering these projects.  The purpose is to build a better evidence base about approaches that enable disabled people to achieve independent living – to have choice and control over their lives in ways non-disabled people take for granted. The evidence produced from the projects funded by DRILL will be used to inform future policy and service provision, and give a greater voice to disabled people on the issues that impact on them.
Link to Funder’s Page: Here

Call Title: Public Health Research commissioned funding opportunities
Funder: NIHR     Funding Available: Various      Deadline: 15 August 16/5 December 16
Summary: NIHR have some great calls at the moment for research on public health. The PHR Programme funds research to generate evidence to inform the delivery of non-NHS interventions, specifically, we provide new knowledge on the benefits, costs, acceptability and wider impacts of non-NHS interventions intended to improve the health of the public and reduce inequalities in health. Topics include ‘Loneliness and unwanted social isolation,’ ‘Community Engagement’ and ‘Preventing Road Injuries’ for example.
Link to Funder’s Page: Here

Call Title: Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science
Funder: Wellcome Trust     Funding Available: £25k-£50k      Deadline: 5 August 16
Summary: Seed Awards help researchers develop compelling and innovative ideas that may go on to form part of larger grant applications. proposals that aim to develop new approaches or collaborations in the humanities and social sciences and enrich our understanding of human and animal health. Activities can include: pilot and scoping studies, planning sessions, meeting of collaborative networks.
Link to Funder’s Page: Here


If you are interested in applying for any of these calls please contact in the first instance.

The next theme will be Decommissioning


Friday Funding #3: Transport and Living Environment

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Friday Funding. This week’s theme is broadly Transport and Living Environment but touches on several wider themes. The calls listed are broad in nature which should present suitable opportunities for many of our researchers.

Call Title: Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges and limitations Funder: EU H2020           Funding Available: 2 million budget (Euros)           Deadline: Call opens 20th Sept 16 and closes  01 February 2017
Summary: Projects should aim to identify; areas and contexts in which ICT investments and exploitation of data should be implemented, methodological issues and the development of necessary tools in order to allow for effective data mining and data exploitation, analysis of the barriers and limitations of the transportation system to exploit big data opportunities, examine the institutional and governmental issues and barriers concerning the application of big data in transport providing policy recommendations towards “data openness” and sharing.
Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: Public Health Research commissioned funding opportunities Funder: National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)        Funding Available: Not fixed       Deadline: 15th August 16 or 5th December 16
Summary: Multiple interesting funding opportunities covering a wide variety of public health issues. Particularly relevant to this topic are ‘Preventing road injuries’ and ‘Interventions to reduce negative health effects associated with noise in the living environment’
Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: Low-Carbon Energy Future: Efficient Management of Resources and Energy Workshop Funder: British Council   Funding Available: Travel Expenses          Deadline: 15th July 16
Summary: Cranfield University, Nazarbayev University and the National Laboratory Astana are holding a workshop entitled “Low-Carbon Energy Future: Efficient Management of Resources and Energy”. Opportunities and challenges in Kazakhstan will be covered in this workshop. A contribution to travel and accommodation expenses is available to selected participants under the Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership programme. Costs for the visa will be covered too; however participants will be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements.
Link to Funder’s Page:

Call Title: Institutional Links grants
Funder: Newton Fund                    Funding Available: £50k-300k     Deadline: 27th June 16 Summary: Aims to build UK-partner country research and innovation collaborations centred on shared research and innovation challenges which have direct relevance to social welfare and economic development. Applications can be submitted for collaborations between the UK and Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Thailand. Mexico are also due to join the call shortly, and confirmation will be announced here towards the end of April.
Link to Funder’s Page:

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact

The next theme will be Environment/Marine Environment


Funding Opportunity: Outdoor Spaces, Noise, Community Engagement, Loneliness

The NIHR Public Health Research Programme – Commissioned call

The Public Health Research Programme are accepting applications to their commissioned workstream for the following topics:

  • 15/192 – Interventions to reduce negative health effects associated with noise in the living environment
  • 16/07 – Outdoor green and blue spaces
  • 16/08 – Loneliness and unwanted social isolation
  • 16/09 – Community Engagement

The deadline for applications is 1pm, 15 August 2016.


Funding Opportunity: NIHR School for Social Care Research

Call is now open for research into adult social care

The NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR) is inviting full proposals for research studies addressing key priorities for adult social care for theNIHR next 5-10 years in line with its mission to improve the evidence base for adult social care in England.
Funding of up to £2.6 million is available for studies funded under this call, with a maximum of £1 million for any one proposal.
Documents can also be viewed on the NIHR SSCR website.

The deadline for submissions is 27 May 2015, 16:30

Funding Opportunity: Adult Social Care Fellowship NIHR

Access call document  Access application form:

The NIHR School for Social Care Research (NIHR SSCR) is inviting applications from individuals committed to adult social care research who would benefit from NIHR SSCR support to further their research careers in this field.  Applicants can be at any stage of their research career – pre-doctoral, doctoral, post-doctoral – but not yet experienced enough to be established as independent, or more established researchers. Applicants must show a commitment to establishing a long-term career in adult social care research. Projects would need to start within 3 months of confirmation of an award and be completed within 8 months of the start date.

The commissioning panel is looking for:

  • strong applicants looking to move into becoming, or developing further as, an independent researcher in adult social care
  • a commitment to enhancing the evidence base for improving adult social care practice
  • a plan of work with a clear focus, and aims and objectives in the timescale of NIHR SSCR support
  • a robust plan to achieve the stated aims and objectives
  • excellent organisational support likely to help deliver the proposed plan of work and help the applicant beyond that to become strong researchers in adult social care.

Awards of up to £20,000 are available.Deadline: 4pm on Monday 9 May 2016