DORCID IDon’t forget to keep your ORCID up to date!   If you have new publications they may automatically appear on your ORCID, especially if your publisher required an ORCID from you when you submitted.  However this process can take time.  Sign in to ORCID, choose “Works”, and “search and link” to make sure your list is up to date.  Cross Ref is a good general tool for harvesting publications which may belong to you – and you can simply go through the list it gives you and upload the ones that are yours.  RGU has chosen ORCID as its online profile tool, because it is required by many funders and publishers and provides excellent data quality.  The RGU Researcher Guide gives more detailed information – or contact Jane Williams.

Natural History Museum – publications for free!

NHMThe Natural History Museum has launched its institutional repository. The Museum’s repository provides free access to publications, or versions of the published material, produced by more than 300 scientists working at the Museum. Our researchers study a diverse range of issues, including threats to Earth’s biodiversity, the maintenance of delicate ecosystems, environmental pollution and disease.