Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine Research Prizes 2017

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine

The Research Prizes, valued £200,000 each will be available from October 2017

THE LISTER INSTITUTE of Preventive Medicine, which is a registered charity established to support biomedical and related research, now invites applications from outstanding young researchers for its 2017 Research Prizes. The Institute seeks diversity amongst its Prize­ winners – there is no stereotype of the ideal candidate – applicants may be working in university departments or research institutes, in any area of biomedical research, and be scientifically or medically trained. The Institute is pleased that over the years women have been well represented amongst its Prize-winners. However, what Prize-winners will have in common is the conduct of excellent research and the ability of the award to help establish or further their independent research careers. At least five awards will be made based on a number of criteria: the originality, and quality of the proposed research; the achievements of the applicant in the context of their own particular circumstances. Finally the beneficial impact that the Prize would have on the recipient’s career taking account of their research environment and other funding will be an important criteria.

Prize Winners will receive £200,000, or equivalent Euros, which may be used in any appropriate way to support their research, other than the provision or augmentation of personal salary. However, the monies may be used to free the recipient from teaching or administrative duties by funding a replacement lecturer etc. Expenditure of the award may take place over a period of up to five years.

Candidates must have more than three and less than ten years’ post-doctoral experience on 1 October 2017 and must have guaranteed employment for the first three years of the notional five years of the award in any not-for-profit institution (e.g. university, charity­ funded institute or Research Council Unit). The bulk of the research must be conducted in the UK or Republic of Ireland but the awards are transferable between institutions in the UK and Ireland.

Terms and Conditions, downloadable application forms and ‘how to apply’ details are available from the Institute’s website:

Any   queries should be directed to the   Institute’s Administrator: Telephone: 01923 801886 Email:

These prestigious awards provide outstanding young scientists with the opportunity, as Lister Institute Prize holders, to develop their research careers by giving them £200,000 to support their work over a five-year period.

The Award

All recipients of the Research Prize must initiate the award period within 12 months of becoming eligible to use the funds. All the funds must be committed by the end of the fifth year. Although the use of the funds is flexible and within the control of the Prize Fellow, outline spending plans should be submitted at the time of application. These can be altered with the Institute’s approval at any time. By way of example, the money can be spent on equipment, travel, consumables, salaries for a replacement lecturer, visiting scientists, post-docs or PhD students etc. The money must not be spent on providing or augmenting a personal salary. The money will be paid in advance to the Research Prize holder via the employing institution. Annual statements of expenditure must be produced by the employing institution and be endorsed by the Prize holder.

As a member of the AMRC the Institute’s awards qualify for FC’s charity research income support under the new funding formula and, consequently, any general overhead charge for indirect costs will not be accepted.

Transferring the Award

The award will be personal and transferable between all UK and Republic of Ireland research institutions, subject to the Institute’s approval. Any large items of equipment purchased using only the Institute’s funds will be considered as owned by the recipient of the award and transferable, during the five-year period of the award, provided that the recipient remains a Lister Institute Prize holder. The transfer of equipment purchased using more than one source of funds will be subject to negotiation between the respective institutions.

Working Abroad

The Research Prize holder must not spend more than six months abroad in any consecutive 12 month period and in total no more than one year over the course of the five years.


Every Research Prize holder is expected to produce a short annual and detailed final report at the end of the fifth year and give talks at, and provide abstracts for, the annual Lister Fellows’ meetings. Recipients of the Research prize will be expected to attend the annual Fellows’ meeting, this year to be held on Friday 8 September 2017, provide abstracts and give presentations when required.


The Agreement to be signed will make clear that the Research prize holder and any other people employed using the Institute’s funds are not Lister employees.


All publications must state that the research worker hold a Lister Institute Research Prize fellowship.

Support from Other Sources

All other grants and “core funding” must be detailed with the application. The Institute accepts that Prize holders will seek additional support for their work from other sources.


The Prize Fellow will be required to notify and disclose to the Institute all commercial agreement already entered into and particularly to those relating to the assignment of patents and other similar rights. However, all Prize Fellows are encouraged to protect any new findings, where applicable, by patent protection in conjunction with their host Institution’s business development office- in all cases the Institute must be informed.

Completed forms must be returned not later than Friday 4 November 2016.