Funding Award : Oral History of Health Psychology

The Royal Society have awarded a grant to Dr Francis Quinn, Lecturer in Psychology at RGU to create an oral history of health psychology in the UK.

The project’s objective is to tell the story of health psychology in the UK, as science and professional practice, from the experiences of those who were there from its start to the present time.  Health psychology is concerned with mental and behavioural factors as they affect health, illness and healthcare, including changing behaviour and coping with illness. It is a relatively new field of psychology which emerged in the 1970s, but there is little research about the history of health psychology in the UK. The project will invite health psychologists and others present in the early days of the discipline to share their memories. The researchers will construct a narrative history from these interviews.

This is the first attempt to create such a history of health psychology in the UK using oral history methods, and the researchers hope its publications will prove useful for current and future health psychologists to understand the past and present of their field.

The project team also includes Dr. Angel Chater (UCL), Professor Val Morrison (Bangor University) and Dr. Tony Cassidy (Ulster University).