Scholarship Funding Award: Bioaccumulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants

Dr Kyari Yates will be working on bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants and trace metals in Scottish marine food webs.  Kyari will be supervising Alethea Madgett and the project will explore and build on a previous study by Marine Scotland Science (MSS) on both predator and possible prey species found in the deep waters to the west of Scotland.  This study had  looked at the relationships between diet (via fatty acid profiles), trophic level (stable isotope analysis) and the concentration of some persistent organic pollutants and trace metals. This will involve looking at a wider range of species at different stages of Scottish marine food webs in support of the implementation of biota Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for some contaminants in fish under the European Union the Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/EC). In addition, trophic levels will be determined and trophic magnification factors (TMFs) calculated and applied to contaminant concentrations to investigate the effect this has on the assessment of the data against the EQS. The study is expected to improve the MSS’ statutory monitoring activities of the Scottish marine environment.

This is a jointly funded studentship by the MSS and Robert Gordon University, in which the student is working with Prof Colin Moffat (Head of Science at MSS), Dr Lynda Webster (Marine Environment Assessment Group Leader at the MSS) and Dr Craig McKenzie

Scholarship funding award: Control of Multistable Dynamical Systems

Dr Yang Liu will be working on the control of multistable dynamical systems in the Oil & Gas industry.  Yang will be supervising Boying Liu who has been awarded a Carnegie Caledonian PhD Scholarship.  Control of multistable dynamical systems is a major challenge for power intensive industries to utilize renewable energy in order to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth; strategies for engineering systems to reduce their energy consumptions are to become compulsory. This project will develop new control strategies for general engineering systems with a special attention to the applications in oil and gas industry to maintain their performance within a satisfactory level by using the minimum control energy.