Workshop: Exploring Longterm Trends in Social Attitudes and Crime

University of Sheffield School of Law

Exploring Longterm Trends in Social Attitudes and Crime

16 June 2016

School of Law, University of Sheffield

Exploring why change takes place and the implications of both changes and stability is of growing importance for social scientists. Yet the limited availability of datasets which enable these sorts of analyses hampers efforts.

This one-day workshop will introduce a series of linked datasets which will enable analysts to explore long runs of repeated cross-sectional datasets such as the British Social Attitudes Survey, the British Crime Survey and the British Election Survey, as well as macro-level datasets. The datasets were collated as part of an ESRC-funded project exploring long-term trends in social attitudes, government policies and crime since the 1970s.

Although training will not be given on these techniques during this workshop, the datasets are suitable for those wishing to explore trends in social attitudes and crime (fear; victimisation attitudes towards) employing multiple linear and binary regression models; multi-level models; time series models; and age-period-cohort models. The datasets will be available in both SPSS and Stata formats and the training day reflects this.

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Workshop fees:

UK–registered students £30

Staff from UK academic institutions/research centres, ESRC funded researchers, UK registered charitable and voluntary organisations, Government and public sectors staff £60

All other participants including commercial £150

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