Future Directions for the development of researchers: Next Generation of Leaders in Scotland

Stirling Court

The Scottish Funding Council, University of Stirling and Vitae are inviting registrations for “Future Directions for the development of researchers: Next Generation of Leaders in Scotland”, which will take place on 1 June at the University of Stirling.

This event will look at the development of research leaders through cohort building, cross-sectoral networks, and collaborative approaches. Speakers and participants will explore how to foster excellence in leadership development in Scotland, including case studies of what is already being done and considering what more could be done to push this agenda forward.

The event will explore a number of question around the need for efficient and effective development of researchers’ leadership talent, such as:

How do the current training, experiences and opportunities effectively meet the needs of the leadership of the future in different sectors?

  • Does the national climate enable and empower early career academics, research staff and doctoral researchers to meet their leadership potential?
  • Do the available development opportunities respect and include the diversity of individuals and the diversity of future career paths?

This event is open to all stakeholders in the professional development of researchers as aspiring leaders, including researcher developers, staff developers, careers advisors, research managers, representatives of funding councils and charities, supervisors and principal investigators, senior academics and managers.

Find out more: http://bit.ly/1SUWgbo